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This is an idea I’ve had for years. I wanted to make a GP Mailing List, because it would help those who are in isolation, trapped in their homes or at the hospital, have a network of support. It would also help those who have been newly diagnosed, because I know I was terrified when the doctor told me I had my GP in 2012. I almost died four weeks ago, and it’s helped me put some things into some perspective. I like the Facebook Chats, and for resolving issues and/or venting, it’s great. The problem is, if you have to go back to look up a certain thing, you can’t find it because of all of the posts! So, I thought a mailing list might be able to help with that as well. We can write what subjects it pertains to, you can ask questions, and basically the rules are just the same as they would be in any of my support groups.