McKenzie's Story of Hope

McKenzie R.’s Story of Hope

Written by: McKenzie R.


My baby sister has Gastroparesis. I have watched her battle this illness since the day after our homecoming dance, that was the last day a food substance stayed inside her body. Since then she has had surgery, tests, tubes, probes, and doctors coming and going. this has been hard, watching her in so much pain and watching how her clothes slowly swallow her up, but in all of this struggle she has grown and continues to grow into the most beautiful human being I know.


I'm crying, but seriously, she’s so much stronger than I will ever be and so beautiful. You know I used to think when I went in public and saw people calmly and normally conversing and acting with someone with a disability or sickness that it must be hard, but I was so, so wrong. I had an epiphany, while pushing Maddie around in her wheelchair and running through the grocery store with her making car noises and watching the colorful flaps on her very vibrant hats fly in the wind as we make a scene in the middle of the store.


It never occurred to me that people were staring at us, not because of our obnoxious behavior but because there was a tube coming out of her nose that was connected to a bag on her back. None of that mattered all I cared about was making noise and disruptions just to see that beautiful smile on her face that crinkled the tape by her nose, but now she holds her side when she’s in a fit of laughter because the tube has been moved and surgically implanted through her abdomen. She hasn't eaten since September and she’s so full with life and humor and it just goes to show the endurance and survival of the human being.


 I love you Madison!