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Coping with Anxiety and Stress: Research & Personal Stories

Requesting Anxiety Stories

I am doing some research into anxiety, panic attacks, and how it effects us with a chronic illness. Is it a negative feed back loop? Is there another reason this happens. I wrote in one of my previous blog articles that 90% of your serotonin is made in your stomach. So, how would Gastroparesis effect that?

I have really bad anxiety as well. My social anxiety is the worst because I get so nervous about being sick in public, in fear that I’ll start a vomiting conga line with sympathetic vomiters. I just feel drained after being social.

My friends and admins have suggested several ways to cope with anxiety, stress, and panic. I will be including these techniques in my article to share. I also have an article I wrote, where I uploaded the handouts to my blog regarding deep breathing.

Here are some questions and if you wouldn’t mind answering those as well as telling your personal story:

  1. How long have you had anxiety issues?

  2. How do you cope with stress and anxiety?

  3. Do you see a doctor for your anxiety/stress (as I am not a doctor)?

  4. Did you have anxiety issues before or after you were diagnosed with GP?

  5. When did your anxiety get worse?

  6. If you could explain anxiety to someone who has never heard the term before, what would you say?