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Videos to Show Awareness for Gastroparesis

Videos to Show Awareness for Gastroparesis

I would like to collect videos from Gastroparesis Warriors - like the journeys and battles you fight daily. I want to collect these videos and put them on my website and blog so that healthy people can see what we go through on a daily basis. I really feel as though it would help with awareness, tremendously.

I mentioned this idea in my support group a while back and they all thought it would be a great thing to try.

Not only will it help healthy people understand that we are sick but it will help:

  1. The newly diagnosed - maybe they could show the videos to their family and friends so they do not think it’s ,“all in their heads.”

  2. The newly diagnosed - it will help them to realize that everyone’s Gastroparesis is different, but it’s not a contest.

  3. The videos might catch the attention of a doctor or reporter out there who could shed some more light on our cause.

  4. These videos will help those who are isolated feel less alone.

Please let me know in the email you send me with the video what you would like me to do regarding your privacy. Do you want me to use your first name? First name and last initial? An Alias? Just let me know what you’re comfortable with, when you email me: