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Create a Video of Your Gastroparesis


I had an idea of having us, GP Warriors, to make videos about what we deal with daily with our illness. There is no limit to the time a video can be. Your privacy is important to me. You can mention your name in the video, that's not a problem. But, the videos are going on my website and my blog, so any personal identifiers could be seen by anyone.

I want to collect videos of GPers and their experiences with GP - when they were diagnosed, how long they may have had their symptoms prior to being diagnosed, what day to day life is like, and how your family and friends handle it, or whatever you feel comfortable enough to share. I think videos come across more poignant for people.

If you want to make a video for Feeding Tube Awareness Week, that would be amazing, too! By emailing me your story and/or video, you could help people on the fence about getting a feeding tube, or just help someone who has never met anyone with GP or a feeding tube understand it more.

Basically, explain Gastroparesis like you would to someone who has never heard of it. I want GPers whose families might not believe them or think it's all in their head to see these videos and change their minds. You would help SO many people!

Thank you in advance for doing this.

The link to the event is here:

You can find more information on my page:

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