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Videos Needed From GP Warriors

The Gastroparesis Video Project

I mentioned this idea in my group a while ago. I thought that if we could each record what a day in the life with Gastroparesis is like, for all of us, it might help get the attention of researchers. I know that everyone’s Gastroparesis is different, and I want to show that. I’m even going to make my own video.

Furthermore, these collections of videos may help someone who is newly diagnosed:

  1. Help use the videos to explain to their family and friends what they have (and that it’s not all in their heads).

  2. Help the newly diagnosed understand that everyone’s Gastroparesis diagnosis is different, but that we are all here to help one another.

I would love to put these together and put them on my website for others to take a look. I think it will be extremely helpful to others, especially those who have doctors that do not believe GP is real. I want to help spread awareness, and I think this would be a fantastic way to do so!

I would love to place them on my blog and on my website. Let me know what you want me to do regarding privacy. Do you want me to use your first name and last letter? An alias? Let me know when you email the videos to me at: